Lessons on being a Cosmopolitan: Worldfest India 2016

As I was glancing through my Facebook feed, a notification pinged in to notify me about an event which was promising me to “Travel the world without a Passport”. You guessed it right! It was a Travel Festival. With a majority of youngsters flooding the music concerts and other fests, nothing much could have excited […]

Going Solo – A Street Wandering Indulgence with a hint of Imperialism

The Friday morning grew up to its calm and tranquil spree. My watch had hit dot 6 am and I with my tracker turned on, was already on the streets wandering by the serene and hindered lanes of the city called ‘Mumbai’. It was drizzling and I was partially drenched. I had decided to treat […]

Impressions of my first real Street Wandering Experience.

Comfy shoes – check. Water Bottle – check Umbrella (if in case it rains) – check Power bank (I’m a phone photographer and all my pics are taken by my phone) – check Sports Tracker (Android app) – (installed? Yes.) check. Sunglasses – Not Check! ( I’d actually forgotten them 🙁 ) The alarm clock […]