1. Where are you from?
  • I’m from Kolkata, India


  1. What do you do?
  • I’m a Bachelor of Humanities student graduating from the University of Mumbai with a major in Sociology.
  • Administrator and blogger at Steps and Streets.


  1. How often do I go for street wandering or other travelling experiences?  
  • Being a student, time gets to be a constraint. However, I don’t really allow time to refrain me from going Street Wandering and I go for it ‘Twice’ a week.
  • When it comes to going to different locations other than Mumbai, I usually choose my vacations to go ahead with the plans.


  1. Do you always go for ‘Street Wandering’ by foot?  
  • As of now, I’ve been to 5 Street Wandering experiences which were only on foot. 


  1. When did you discover the ‘#citynomad’ in you? What is the best part of your travel?
  • When I was a 14-year-old kid; I had discovered the spirit of Wandering and Exploring different places and with the passing years, I just grew up to be more inquisitive about places, people, and culture. As of now, the best experience that comes up with travelling and exploring is meeting new people and knowing about their lifestyle.
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  1. Why do you prefer ‘Street Wandering’?


  1. Which camera do you use?
  • I keep switching between my devices. Sometimes, I use my phone camera (Moto Z2 Play) and sometimes, I use my point and shoot (Canon SX150IS).


  1. Which editor do you use?
  • ‘Snapseed’


  1. Can I use your photos?
  • © All text, images, and ideas on this blog are copyrighted by ‘stepsandstreets’ and cannot be used without explicit permission.


  1. Who clicks your photos?
  • Since most of my ‘own’ pictures are clicked from the back; it’s the most common question that my readers ask me. The answer is – The locals or the passing acquaintances I meet on the road click my pictures. If it’s a family trip, then my sister captures the shot.


  1. I have another question that’s not here, How do I contact you?
  • You can email me at stepsandstreets@gmail.com         


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