Finding Solace among Tree Canopies

The winter months rolled in, snow started pondering all over the lofty Himalayas, Temperatures started falling off, Sunrises became harsh and Sunsets soother; and I could experience none of these as I was sprawled over the arid winter months of Mumbai where experiencing winter pops out to be stranded.

But I’d rather experience mild winters over blubbering about missing snowfalls and snowflakes! So, I decided to bump into some nearby countryside place hunt and find solace within myself. The Vagabond in me found its own path leading me to the calm lands of the Union Territory – Dadra & Nagar Haveli. If I am not wrong, I’d paid a visit to Dadra and Nagar Haveli for at least four to five times! But I’d always chose to hide in the lake waters of Dudhani than to explore the other spots in there, which always made me skip “The Butterfly Park” for some odd reason of it being a Tourist Spot (as I always choose to visit rare-hideouts). You must still be wondering, Then; what made me go for a tourist spot this time? Right? Why don’t you continue reading on to find out the answers yourself!

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As I entered the park lined up with tall trees canopying the entire green land, butterflies of various colours – pink, blue, yellow, black, green fluttered around in the air kissing the newly bloomed flower buds. The birds chirped to their fullest call while the sunbeams struggling from the narrow branches of the tall trees slowly entered the park. The park had quite beautifully preserved in it, the mild winter breeze. I could sense the winter vibes and the solitude that the park unleashed before me! The paved pathways throughout the park encroached me to wander more within the premises. As I went on, few more butterflies came fluttering by and some more beautiful flower bushes popped in, I urged to glance more unless I reached to the rooftop of the tree house which hung among the green canopies. The tree house was a spot so ideal that I spent another 20 mins in breathing in the solace and tranquillity that whispered in the air.

Of soft nature trails and wild winter breeze, I sensed serenity within myself! The fluttering butterflies and the chirping birds took me far off  from the hassles of the nearby tourists and landed me in a soothing vibe of how blessed it feels to be connected to the nature, to be simplified by the minute details of the world around us, and to lose oneself in the arms of the tree canopies.

Essential Information-

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union Territory at a quite close distance from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Butterfly Park is located in the Khanvel area of the UT.  

  • Distance from Mumbai to Khanvel by road – 160km.
  • Also, Liquor is extremely reasonable.

I hope you’ve now found the answer! So, where have you found solace this winter?


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