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My name is Tanisha Guin. I am a 20-year-old travel blogger from India. I had started this blog on 19th January 2017. ‘Steps and Streets’ is a one-stop home for all my travel musings, life lessons and all of those memories that I have gathered off the beaten path. I stand as a living example to all of those who believe that travelling needs huge amounts of money and time. Quite tough to be true, but in a real sense, it doesn’t. I can assure you that – all that it asks for is ‘solely’ your passion and you choosing it to be your priority.



Overlooking the marine coast at Diveagar 

 My Journey so far


I was born in Mumbai but in the later years, we shifted to a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai called Vasai. I grew up in a family which was/is entirely wanderlust-inspired! Maybe, I’ve borrowed my passion of travelling from my parents! Upon finishing high school, I went to Pune to pursue my further education in Humanities. After two years, I returned back to Mumbai and enrolled myself in a humanities degree.

In 2016, I took my first step to pursue my dreams. I was 18 when I had decided to move out of my parent’s home and had started living in a rented apartment. That very thrill of sensing independence at a tender age of 18 taxed me enough and pushed me to take up multiple jobs; some part-time and some full-time to sustain my itchy feet for travelling!

I multi-facilitated as an English teacher at a non-profit in the Dharavi slums during weekdays, volunteered for a UN recognised NGO and worked as an Online English tutor to the orphans of West Bengal during weekends, freelanced as a tour guide and a content writer when time permitted, from all that I earnt, I could only save up to 10% of it after outgoing my monthly expenditure. With all that I saved, I could afford 2 to 3 one day trips to the countryside. 

Currently, I work as a freelance content writer and also am in the final year; pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Mumbai.


Enchanting sunset scenes by the Dudhani lake


When did the travel bug bite me?


After my high school exams got over in 2013, I had gone for a  month-long family trip to the East and North-East India. We had trekked to the Khasi & Jaintia hills, fantasized Indian mythology at The Kamakhya Temple, shopped in the hill towns of Kohima in Nagaland & Shillong in Meghalaya, been to the living root bridges, and Asia’s cleanest village- Mawlynnong in Meghalaya. We had witnessed slow travel with a hint of an entirely different cultural heterogeneity in North-East India, since then; I have always looked forward to travelling constantly. I was only 14 when I had first realized how much travel meant to me and how much I enjoyed every bit of it. That trip had certainly left me a spark of travelling that exists even today!


In the tribal Khasi dress


How I like to travel


Firstly, I am a student and with that comes the time constraint of travelling anywhere and everywhere! However, I never wanted to excuse myself for travelling, so I started travelling within the stretches of my own city – Mumbai and during the weekends I chose to travel to the countryside. For longer trips, I always preferred my summer and winter vacations. 

Being a student, I always opt for travel plans which are pocket-friendly, this is what eventually made me a budgeted traveller. With budget travel, I also learned to be more flexible to my travel needs, which further made me adaptable and helped me in learning to live without luxuries while I am travelling. 

I always prefer to travel immersively by engaging with the locals, their food, and experience all of those things which make me feel alive! I mostly travel solo or with a friend/family. Whether I’m exploring the cities or the countryside, I always choose to go offbeat. 


This was my 20th sunset in 2016


What made me start a blog


I’ve always been a solitude seeker and mostly a loner. I could best convey my emotions by penning down innate thoughts. I have always been the one who would dive into deep conversations with utter curiosity because of which most of my friends and mates found me boring or probably we could never really match up to each other’s wavelengths! which comes down to the point that all the stories from the road that were brimming to be revealed were all kept under a veil; because I technically had no one to share my travel stories to and that’s how I pondered upon sharing my travel stories over the web. 

But the web is worldwide and I didn’t know where I could start from!

It wasn’t until 2015 when I had actually come to know about a ‘blog’ and about it being able to sustain of what I had only dreamt of before! It was through Instagram that I had randomly stumbled upon a traveller’s account and had started my own blog within a few weeks. Later on (in 19th January 2017), I decided to get the domain name to take it to a professional level, I haven’t given it a second thought since then! 

 Neither did I want to wait for life to offer me to escape my corporate cubicle nor did I have the patience to wait for ‘the perfect timing’ and allow life to pass by me.

I had quite indefinitely taken my first ‘step’ to explore the hindered ‘streets’ of the cities and the countryside and that decision has never taken a back seat; since then I have gathered a hundred life lessons from my days of living alone in a rented apartment and meeting both the ends to sustain a normal life while also upholding to my travel desires in an extremely tiny budget!  

Here’s a message for you ~


“We all are a part of a society where following our passion is very underrated. But at the end of the day, doing what you love to do is the best reward you can gift yourself” ~ Tanisha Guin


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Spending some \'me-time\' in the ruins of Bassein fort


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