The Wildside of West Bengal for Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging and the most satisfying professions in the world. This profession tests your patience, longanimity, and steadfastness.

Something looks cute? Click! The light just got better? Click! The herd of elephants is passing by? Click! The leopard is trying to catch its prey. Click!  You have to be there, ready, coz the animals can be moody.

Today we bring you a list of places in the Indian state of West Bengal where you can catch some of the best animal action.

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve

Image Credit: Davidvraju

One of the most visited tiger reserves in India, Sunderbans are synonymous with the Royal Bengal Tiger. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a National Park, a Tiger Reserve, and part of the world’s largest deltas, Sundarbans is a great place to catch the big cats in action.

Nearest Airport: Kolkata Airport

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve is home to tigers, elephants, bison, sambar, and the other biggies. The climate here is sultry throughout the year and the landscapes are a mix of wet and deciduous forests. The forest department organises open-jeep safaris which take you right into the core of the jungle. The tropical semi-evergreen vegetation acts as a perfect backdrop for clicking those great shots! Plan a holiday to Buxa using this trip planner app

Nearest Airport: Cooch Behar Airport

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project

Image Credit: bhagabatpurcrocodileproject

One of India’s largest crocodile conservation projects, the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project is located close to the Lothian Island on the Saptamukhi Estuary. Home to many crocodiles, turtles and other mighty reptiles, this crocodile park is a great way to let that camera shutter!
Nearest Airport: Kolkata Airport

Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary


Image credit: raiganjwlsanctuary

Home to more than 70,000 birds Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary houses 50 percent of the global Asian openbill population. The Kulik River cuts through the park gives rise to varied landscapes. The many open bills and other migratory birds are sure to test your patience here!

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport

Kolkata Zoological Garden

Kolkata Zoological Garden-compressed

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Kolkata, Kolkata Zoological Garden is also one of the oldest zoological parks. Covering the area of 47 acres, many rare birds and animals call this place their home. Get your cameras ready because you are going to see some of the most beautiful birds like the Macaw, Conures and Emu here!

Nearest Airport: Kolkata Airport

Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary


Image credit: Dibyendu Ash

Home to the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, the Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 158 square kilometres at varying elevations. The beautiful and crazy forest serves as a dramatic background to click the wildcat in its most natural habitat.
Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport

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