Dear Young Heart,

It’s been long since you’ve traveled solo. Do you remember the last time you traveled solo was to the rural hinterlands of West Bengal?

Well, I hope you’ve not forgotten but do you recollect images of that mild afternoon etched with bright sunshine? You were draped in blue. The lush green neck of the neighborhood played so well with your youthfulness. 

Oh! And those little kids. Do you remember them too? They were smiling at you from a distance. Your camera excited them. They all wanted to be clicked. All of them wanted to be in the same frame!

Juggling and snuggling their arms and their shoulders, they’d all stood attentively and alert just for that one blink of the shutter! Had you noticed the sparkle in their eyes and the way they hooted in pure innocence? 

Well, that was the moment you found joy in them and most importantly in yourself too. Oh, and those old men curious about that tiny little camera you held in your hand? You clicked them too! They were rejoicing their shorter lives by the banks of the river. 

Then a lady came walking by, she was doing her daily chores, she had a wide smile on being clicked too! Do you remember it all?

Those tiny kids hopping and playing near the vintage temple, the old men chatting and that village lady they were all so happy in that brim of a moment. Just a random rendezvous with a foreign device had made them all happy. 

Since that day, whenever you sat on the banks of the river to enjoy a bit of solitude, those kids and those men glanced at you and looked with sparkling eyes filled with love and joy as they spent their time under the sunset sky. That made ‘you’ happy. And ‘them’. And ‘me’.

Don’t you remember that day? You do, right?

Sometimes, I think, is that all that’s needed to be happy? Some warmth from the generous strangers. Some love in an unknown land. And a bright summer welcoming a brighter self within!

It was the summer of 2017. A summer that had broken you and had left you stitched to eternal love and tender affection from the road. 

Hugs and Love,

A learner from the road.

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