It was quite a pleasant response from your end as I got a whole lot of positive vibes from all of you out there. I totally thank you all from the core of my heart..& here, I am!! back to live up to all your excitements and expectations about this new concept of being a ‘City Nomad’ and ‘Wandering on the Streets’

Well, to make things clearer in the first place I know you would all have this one question striking your mind again & again..that..“What is my story of exploring the CITY NOMAD in me and what brought me to appreciate the shades of the Streets?”…cool, then! Pretty obviously, I’m going to answer this question in my first blog. And, yes! You needn’t worry..because we would definitely unleash the City Nomad in you the upcoming posts.

Till then, here goes my story..!

I’m a born Urbanite. My eyes were first opened to the chaos and the hassles of a fast-paced and a never-ending city like Mumbai. However, I did move to a few different cities later. (well, let’s not get to that part now, I’ll surely be covering those in the upcoming days!). Being born in a city like a lot of new experiences to hold in there!

David Sassoon Library, Fort

Mumbai!! What is it all about? Some of you would definitely be from this place called BOMBAY and would be familiar with its various names:

  • B-TOWN (Bollywood town)

However, as I move on to sharing my as well as the city’s insights about B-O-M-B-A-Y..! We’ll definitely get back to all of these shades of the city.With the later posts, I’ll get into sharing all other experiences that I’ve come across in discovering my hidden side.

It all started with my teenage days.. (I was 14) and since then I always had a beefed-up impulse of exploring places; obviously, hills..and mountains! (To mention, I’m a wholehearted mountain lover) to the sandy beaches but at the same time I always, wanted to stay out of the crowd and explore places where not many chose to step in or interact with people which were mostly neglected, therefore, with the passing time I realized that even the city streets hold beneath a lot of stories thus, connecting not just the people to the cities but also veiling in the depths a treasure of stories which when unfolded would reveal histories. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, that’s why I made up my mind to share my experiences with you.

Thus, It’s from those days that something in me always pleased me to find a way to open up myself to the different hues of the cities to the gravity that pulls in you an urge; a desire to flawlessly explore the streets with being hell-bent on an arc to certainly feel the colors of what every story holds within..

On the other hand, being a girl who always wished to stand out of the crowd also gave light to an inner phase of me that was somewhere in, with discovering the solitude among the chaotic streets of Mumbai ..somewhere in my heart ; I learned to interact with the needy and the suppressed (well, I’m using these terms just for reference..even if the society calls them so..I, personally don’t)

For me, be it abandoned mansions to sky sprawling towers or be it the gushing shores of Mumbai to the silent matter what..I’m always open to what the Streets have waited to unfold before me. That’s all about getting to the days back where I had discovered about the nomad in me & since, that day..I’ve never missed out on any chance to explore the cities and wander the streets, I know! I know! was just an inner call for me to realize the Street Wanderer in me. Sometimes, in just gets geared up for you to realize your passion and then nothing else can hold you or limit you back to the red line.

So, basically, all my blogs would be a blend of my ‘Nomadic & Social Nature’..with a hint of ‘Cultural Background’ in them.!

Beneath the skies and by the shores, here encloses a street before..’For you & me to Restore’.!!..There I, you want to join in..? Come, for we shall unhide the treasures within

A typical humid afternoon in Mumbai

For further continuity of the other blog posts. Keep Posted and you are always free to connect with me through the social media links mentioned here

Stay Tuned & Happy Reading..!

I’m open to your comments.

How do you wish to unleash the ‘City Nomad’ within?

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