The Sun posed in glittering gold and orange hues when I happened to sense the mild breeze and a chill in the vibe. The sand shimmered a spark of gold and the waves gently hit the shore. The sea breeze happened to have a fling with me and almost poured a shower of love only to strike my partial love for the mountains. This beach town made me fall in love with the sea and sand as much as I love the hills and the valleys!

If only, had it been a dream, I’d believe that there lies a beautiful beach town somewhere close to the outskirts of Mumbai. Though Mumbai beaches being popularly known; only remind me of the trash that ‘we’ knowingly happen to dump, on the other hand, The Dahanu beach pretty luckily reminded me of the calm and harsh sights of the sea and the softness of its sand.

Dahanu being stranded on a somewhat far off location (150 km approx via NH-48) from the main city area of Mumbai, is an ideal spot if you want to chill by the beach, treat yourself to amazing seafood, rejuvenate in colonial home stays or at the least just part off from the hassles and hop into the car for a long drive!

Dahanu looks splendid (besides, being a less developed town); with Chikoowadis’ (Sapota farms) being aligned on the left side of the road and the small bungalows on the opposite side, the more you indulge into the spree of the locality, the more you get to see the actual glance of the beach town where the beach lies on the left side of the paved streets and the colonial bungalows then start popping up into the scenery.

With satiety in my heart and longing in my eyes, I hopped onto the beach and gushed myself to the salty tides and allowed the sun to bathe myself with its glorifying shine. With such an overwhelming exploration, I had vowed myself to surprise me with the beautiful sunset; coloured in different tints of yellow, gold, orange and pink!

Walking away from the beach after the sun had set completely and had just left its colourful glee in the sky I believed to retreat my soul totally by the silent sea, the golden sand under the colourful sky.

The sun vanished not leaving behind its trail but to only soulfully promise its return once again the next day!

Information on point:-

  • Nearest Railway Station- Dahanu
  • Common Language- Dahanu being close to the Maharashtra- Gujarat border, Gujarati is the most popularly spoken language
  • Where to stay- Dahanu offers cosy and affordable homestays and resorts offering the splendid beach view.  
  • Activities on the beach- You can ride a Beach Bike, Treat yourself in a Horse Chariot or a Camel Ride!

  • Food- Seafood can be best offered to treat your taste buds. Vegans can have delicious vegetarian Parsi food.

Bordi Beach-  

At a distance of 16 km from Dahanu beach, lies the equally beautiful Bordi beach; where you can find a few more beautiful resorts, Portuguese era bungalows, Parsi colonies, Bohemian houses and hindered lanes. Though the way to Bordi may be a tough take, the view would be splendid!

Sunset at Bordi Beach

When was the last time you saw the Sun beautifully shimmer by the soft gold sand and set by the calm seashore amidst a serene beach town?

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