I’m glad you are here. Looks like you have a potential future collaboration in mind. Before, we get the discussion going, I’d like to brief a bit about Steps and Streets. I promise to keep it crisp and short. Let us get going, shall we?

Why collaborate with Steps and Streets?

  1. I am a slow traveller with a great interest in sharing stories about places that are rich  in culture, heritage and natural landscapes. Slow travelling allows me to find the soul of a place, travel compassionately and connect closely with local communities.
  2. I take great pleasure in telling tales about all the kind human encounters I’ve had during my adventures across the country. 
  3. I am an advocate of sustainable, responsible and experiential travel. Through my blog, I intend to support and promote authentic community-led tourism initiatives that offer unique experiences.
  4. I believe in sharing stories that highlight the true sense of travel, reflects honesty and transparency and engages readers vicariously.  


Interview with Woovly – Grab on those College Student Travel Tours and explore the world, 2019

‘You are the Story’ feature – Bring responsible travel choices in your schedule, 2017
‘You are the Story’ as a storyteller (talk), 2017


Unique monthly visitors (Steps and Streets blog) – 1000+
Audience demographics – India, Australia, USA
Instagram followers – 1500+
Facebook followers – 3000+

Here’s what I can do for you

Freelance Travel Writing and Social Media Management

I am keen on collaborating with brands for travel writing projects, and social media management. My past work includes writing travel blogs for India-based travel start-ups like Triphobo and TravelTear.  See Published Work for more. 

Blogging Campaigns

I collaborate with relevant businesses and brands to promote products, offers, services, tours or accommodations. I offer these promotions through digital storytelling either on my social media channels or on this blog, depending on the nature of the agreement. 

Past campaigns

Udaipur and Nathdwara with The Banjara Hostels, Rajasthan, India (2018)
Jodhpur and the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India with ToRoots (2018)

To further discuss collaborations/partnerships/sponsorships feel free to drop me an email at stepsandstreets@gmail.com

Thank you.