Laying on the couch on a Friday afternoon and welcoming cloudy skies and stormy breezes; the weather just couldn’t be any better for me to caress the Nature and pingback for a long drive. I decided to explore a nearby countryside area which was less than 40 mins drive from my residential area (Vasai). In my 5 years of stay in Vasai, I hadn’t got any chance before to explore this piece of jewel so close to my location. This is why I don’t regret being called as a ‘City Nomad’  and embrace the cities’ hideout whilst sneaking out by the countrysides for short escapes. However, spontaneously I made up my mind to grab this opportunity & get going with this plan of a long drive beyond Vajreshwari (a rural area close to Virar).

How to get there-

  • Vajreshwari –

Vajreshwari can be accessed by buses or trains but to avoid a tiring break-journey, I would rather suggest to take up a car drive. It’s located close to Virar area off the National Highway-8. Vajreshwari is basically a pilgrimage spot but if you would like to opt in for a long drive (just as I did!) you can always be right with the decision.

P.S- You’ll have to excuse yourselves for the bad roads but the hassles during the drive are worth the view.

Compromising on the Luxe Drive

To get a glance at the location, scroll down!

Best time to visit-

You can best treat yourselves for a long drive in Vajreshwari by visiting the spot in the rainy season. However, the temple in Vajreshwari can be visited at any time of the year.

Food & Expenditure-

As in the case of a long drive, the only expenditure that counts in is the fuel & the snack halts (if in case, you take any) otherwise the location can be visited in a maximum budget of Rs.800/- for at least 3 persons.

Check out the pictures why I call this place a ‘Jewel’, Get your eyes glued to these pictures-

1.This is how the beautiful countryside of ‘Vajreshwari’ welcomes you 🙂

  1. The small villages of the countryside-

  • The road I finally chose to be in-

Swaying by the Footroads

  • Verdant City Escapes-

  • Not to forget the water charms!

I’m keen to know your experience amidst the countrysides. How many pleasant stories do you have to share?

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