The sky jolts with the loud noise of the thunderstorm. The clouds turn grey. Green is what I see all around. Everything that accompanies me is the croaking of the frogs, brimming with the river waters and the pleasant chirping of the birds as the waterfall adds an amorous score to the panorama.

The Sun is somewhere long-lost. It’s late afternoon but I cannot sense the warmth, either the heat. It isn’t scorchy anymore.  It is moist and wet and damped. But whatever it maybe it’s indeed delightful.

Paddy fields overflow with a complete gush as the raindrops hit the ground. The mist softly kisses the green treetops. Fog descends down onto the road. The visibility lowers down to a minimum.

Nature always embraces what it holds.

The muddy water flows through; surpassing the paddy fields and crisscrossing rustic rivers. Probably, it’s nature’s own way of cleansing itself.

Serenity and Tranquility are close partners in this place. There are people but no crowds. There are human settlements but untouched nature’s bliss. A lesser-known haven in the lap of Maharashtra. A forest-wide rustic destination that brims with waterfalls, rivers and all things earthy.

I am in Jawhar.

A place to be all by yourself. With weaker internet connections and an explicitly lesser number of tourists. You can choose to accompany your soul or indulge yourself with nature; whilst both sound equally phenomenal, I feel it be dreamlike. A charm in its own way.

Despite being in close proximity to the splurging big towns of Mumbai and Nashik, it still feels old school and traditional. I choose to be old school. I choose to get lost in this wilderness and hatch out of a new self; re-discovered!

It feels Earth-like. It feels protected, to spend a day in the lap of my mother- Mother Nature.

I’ll let the pictures tell you the story.

1. Do Beautiful roads lead to beautiful destinations..?? Let’s figure that out.

At times, maybe; beautiful roads lead to beautiful destinations 😉

2. Traffic jams like this? Oldschool..??

3. Paddy fields can be ‘felt’ all over Jawhar.

4. Following the footsteps of two local Warli boys.

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5. All things earthy & the frog’s croak.

6. Mist covered green tree tops.

7. When rivers go offbeat, I too.

8. Dabhosa Waterfall, Jawhar.

9. Feeling tranquil.

Where did you feel old school lately? 

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Jai Vilas Palace, Jawhar.
Jawhar in Summers. All arid & dry?

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