The beauty of the erratic rains in the Western Ghats is much of an influencer when it comes to taking up impulsive travel decisions to hit the road even more often! Giving this years’ monsoon travels a pretty good head start; I chose to visit Sajjangad in Satara by an entirely off-the-beaten-track route! 

This time though the greens didn’t surprise me much as in par with the clear waters of the brimming waterfalls! 

Why? Plainly because the rains give you plenty more reasons to be in awe especially when it is through a newly discovered route untouched by tourists!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking! 

Enroute Mahabaleshwar – 

  • Offbeat roads are equal to a lot more prettier version of nature, and are also trash-free! (Although, we are the culprits to be blamed! But still..)

As seen from my chai-stall at 1300m As seen from my chai-stall at 1300m

The distant horizons remind of the different layers that hold the beauty of nature!

  • Trash-free nature also means lucid and crystal clear waters from the waterfalls!

The locals said that one can find crocs here! The locals said that one can find crocs here!

That perfect reading corner! How about a natural library?

  • A layer of air so fresh, it reminds you of mint! 😉

Chai stall at 1300m Chai stall at 1300m

  • The joy of having corn at 1300m all by yourself with a pleasant company of the mountains is thus, a different story!

This reminds of living in the present moment! This reminds me of living in the present moment!

  • It’s entirely a different kind of a feeling to be the only one to drive through the fringes of the Sahyadris!

  • Savouring your taste buds with typical Maharashtrian food worth INR 90 at the edge of the mountains is yet another pinch of bliss!

  • That sigh of relief when you don’t have to rub shoulders to get that perfect selfie!

Also, the wind was tremendously strong to drop me off the cliff! (And, I ain't kidding!) Also, the wind was tremendously strong to drop me off the cliff! (And, I ain’t kidding!)

  • Even the brooks here allow you to rejuvenate solitude!

  • Satara touchdown

A misty view of Satara city as seen from the top!

  • You can actually feel that “You are not in the mountains, The mountains are in you” ~John Muir; when you are far off from the crowds! 

When the rolling mountains of Satara welcome you!

  • Spotting tiny huts in the lush foothills adjacent to waterfalls!

  • Relishing on the typical Maharashtrian ‘Thaalipeeth’

A delicious snack which is made up of a mix of millet flour, rice flour, split Bengal gram flour, split black gram flour and a hint of coriander seeds.

  • Photographing monkeys!

  • Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra?

Kaas Plateau/Kaas Pathar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is popular for comprising of around 900 varieties of flowers; thus, is also known as the ‘Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra’. We were unfortunate enough to have a blurry and a foggy glimpse of it!

  • ‘The fort of Good People’ –

Sajjangad which means ‘The fort of the good people’ is a pilgrim site located on the premises of a hilltop fortress which pays tribute to the noble work done by the 17th-century saint – ‘Ramdas Swami’.

Photography within the premises is prohibited. The ashram authorities provide for a free one-night stay and food. One has to trek to reach the temple which is located at the top of the mountain. 

View of the mountains adjacent to Sajjangad

Essential Information

  • Route – Mumbai – Mahad – Poladpur – Mahabaleshwar – Sajjangad
  • Best time to visit Kaas Plateau – Immediately after monsoons. 
  • My take – Every time I visit Mahabaleshwar, it reminds me of how much civilization has taxed the lush green hills that I can’t take much of a moment to consider it as ‘Mumbai on the hills!’ 

Did you ever end up discovering an offbeat route to a touristy place?

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