Allowing the wind to caress my hair and kiss my lips, I popped out of my car window only to treat myself with the soothing breeze of the trees and the water charms by the streets. The nature whistles by the lake excited the wanderlust in me, even more, when the swans started grunting by the lake and the setting sun made the sky all purple and gold out of love.

Dated back in 2012, when I had visited ‘Dudhani’ on being recommended by one of my friends as an ‘awe-struck location’, I had returned back from that place only to underrate it. However, I happened to ponder back to Dudhani recently; only to revisit and enjoy its wonders and appreciate its beauty that I had failed to recognize in my previous trip. And guess what..? This time it just took my heart away.

For your call to information- Dudhani is a small lake town located in the Union Territory of ‘Dadra & Nagar Haveli’ which lies to the borders of the Indian states of Gujarat & Maharashtra. It is easily accessible by road from both the states. However, A road trip to Dudhani is to be the best recommendation. Nearest railway station- Dudhani.

Dudhani welcomed us with a bright sun shining atop the mild green & yellow paddy fields and the lake slightly glistening in hues of gold and silver, circumferenced by the beautiful roads embarked by the green grass and short water streams, and lastly bidding us adieu with a pleasant sunset and a quaint night sky. Dudhani left me to feel like a liberated soul that loves to be nurtured by nature. This Photo Blog will count in all of those traces that I adorned in Dudhani. Scroll down to see it yourself.

Love, at first sight, the scenes-

The edge of the road to Dudhani had almost made me fall head over heels with the glistening silver sun and the lush green escapes.

Exploring Rural Settlements and Making friends-

Finding villages by Dudhani that still have small houses but big hearts where you can drown in love.

The road that summoned-

This view couldn’t have been better with no vehicle around and a beautiful girl passing by the verdant lush.

Romancing the Sun-

The skies kissed the setting sun only to let it grow more tomorrow amidst the trees that bloomed in glee.

Colours of Romance by the Lake-

In the meanwhile the Lake showered beautiful hues of love to retreat a farewell to the Sun

Responding to my call of Nature-

Somewhere by the beautiful landscape, I happened to have a self-interacted conversation with nature.

Food & Accommodation-

With many other options of resort stays nearby, the ‘Neertal Tourist Complex’ offers the best view and at the most affordable rates.

Water Activities- One can go boating on the Dudhani lake in a local shikhara.

Discovery of my soul-

As the lake mesmerized me with its changing colours, As I gently felt the cold water dripping by my toes, As I rowed by the boat, As the dim lights shimmered in the clear water.I discovered my soul. A soul that strives by nature and loves the water to replenish its wounds. Life may be hectic but it’s always soothing by the water, after the Sunset, and before the Sunrise.

Other handy information-

  • The Vasona Lion Safari, though sounds interesting isn’t highly recommended. One can hardly spot a lion.
  • However, the Butterfly Park and the Tribal Museum is a good spot if you are fond of museums and parks.

Have you ever been to this beautiful offbeat lake town before?

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