A group of weed smokers, local rowdy boys and an abandoned mansion is all I have before me! And is this what I call a ‘trip’? Like, seriously?

You seem scared! I too am! 

Curious to know where it all started? Scroll further.

This is probably the eighth time when I find myself surrounded by the exuberant green hills and the roaring waterfalls of Jawhar. 

But let me admit that, before this trip started, I had a space of self-doubt within and a comparatively lesser chunk of excitement!

Honestly speaking, I, in fact, had a sense of boredom to visit it yet again, but since it is one of those pocket-friendly places that quite well aligns to my student choices, I ran on all over again with a hint of reluctance and entirely zero expectations! 

Treating myself with verdant hillside views and waterfalls had actually become a little too mainstream, considering the fact that it was the end of the 2017 Monsoon.

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So this time I was expecting a different kind of rendezvous with Jawhar. Something intriguing. Something strikingly engaging. 

So, I thought of exploring yet a little further to find something untouched and purely offbeat!

‘Maybe I took up the wrong route’, I thought to myself, as I heard the locals say, ‘Madam, Wahan Kahan Jaa Rahe Ho? Wahan Kuch Bhi Nahi hai! Apko Rajwada dekhna hai to naye wale mein jao, ye to khandar ho gaya hai’ (Madam, where are you going? There’s nothing that way. It is all ruined and abandoned. If you wish to see the palace you may visit the New Palace)

But if you are a regular visitor to my blog, you must be knowing how stubborn a traveller I am! I specifically choose to go to places which the locals find either boring or not worth a visit! Also, this time I caught a glimpse of the ruins across the barricade! So, I had to go!

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I walk a little further and find a vast space of land inhibited with a colonial structured mansion towards the right and a purely abandoned outhouse on my left. A tall withered tree makes a stark match to the haunting spree of the entire premise.

Seeing all this I am scared but excited at the same time to explore more! I hear a voice inside me saying, ‘Are you crazy’ – Maybe, I am! 

I finally gather the courage to explore the entire premise after a lot of cognitive self-talk (positive as well as negative).

I take a step further and ten steps back in the fear of crawling snakes and leeches that are accommodated here! The outhouse is brimming with creepers and bushes finding their way to stay alive all over the place. The intricate wooden carvings and the door panels stand a true test of time!

The wooden staircases are bordered with beautiful wooden carvings and the window panels screech with the blowing wind. The doors have turned orchre with the passage of time. I take a few steps more to pay a cursory visit but, only to find myself among a group of weed smokers, some local rowdy boys and an inner voice saying, ‘Maybe this time I should have considered the locals advise!’

Even though I am pretty much uncomfortable with the way they are staring, I find myself to be fortunate enough that the weed smokers are high on weed and they lurk on the other side of the mansion to find themselves some privacy and the boys drive back since it starts raining heavily. 

I am left alone in the solitary haunt of an abandoned mansion with no soul in sight.


Jawhar was renowned to be a princely state during the British Imperialism. It was founded by Raja Jayaba Mukne in 1343. Jawhar witnessed a significant development in the reign of Raja Patangshah IV and subsequent rulers. Raja Patang Shah V (Yashwant Rao) Mukne was the last ruler of Jawhar.

The locals say that this tree is left barren from the day the king had left this place. Since then this tree is withered!

Over to you now, any scary experiences from your travels?

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