Leaping across the cityscapes, the crowded beaches, and the chaotic streets, I’d already started craving to shell myself in a marooned hide-out where I can sense every breeze, feel the Nature, embrace the Sky tints, plume the water swashes and capture the Sun in its most lustrous glazes. (It’s not that I don’t like the city-life much, it’s just that this time I pondered to see the sun go down to a pristine location even more!)

As the cliche quote suggests – “To Take the road less travelled” I did exactly that to jazz around in the serene beachside in the outskirts of Mumbai. This time I expanded my beach expedition and took a step further to explore a virgin beach which is unmentioned on the web! This took me to the Rangaon Beach, located in Vasai.

Stranded at a distance of 66 km from the urbanization of the Mumbai lies the town of Vasai which is known for its historic Portuguese influence and its series of beaches! The other beaches being a bit more localized and crowded, as an offbeat traveller I chose to go for a far-off beach which surpasses crowds and enhances its natural beauty which brought me to choosing Rangaon Beach as my much preferred marooned Hide-out!

As I vow to myself to watch the Sun go down and let the colourful sky soothe my soul, I cross the town settlements of Vasai and embody myself within the slow and less monotonous lives of the people of Rangaon. Getting into the narrow and the calm by-lanes of the coastal town all I can spot are the tall-stood coconut & palm trees, a blend of colonial & modern era bungalows with a rural touch in their architecture, and the locals cycling around the by-lanes.

By the time, I reached the beach side I could have already sensed-in the cool salty breezes! As we neared towards the seaside, all I could spot were mangroves, backwaters, fishing boats, windy coconut trees and finally we could have a clear view of the Rangaon beach.

The timing just is exactly appropriate, it was time for the Sun to bid adieu to its tracing colourful sky. As the water swashes felt more intense, the breeze shaped to be milder.

Lying far off from the sights of the tourists, this beach lies clean with pristine waters, few villagers enjoying the gushing tides, kids attempting their chances in making sand castles, fishing boats oaring to the water currents, and the waves wiping the traced footprints on the glistening sand!

As I walked across the lengths of the seashore,

I sensed the sand is hard and wet,

I sensed the conchae prickle my bare feet,

Yet, I surrounded myself with the aura of the vibrant sky and its mirror-love with the water!

In the golden-hours of the day, I could feel myself inhibit and long for the serenity it held.

I crave to get there yet again, this time to feel every sand grain to my feet and cherish every tide that carries a hint of salt with it.

For the lessons of time are best learned by the beach.

At the beach the life is different, time doesn’t move hour-to-hour but mood to moment, we live by the currents, plan by the tides & follow the Sun!

***Essential Information –

The Rangaon beach is situated in the small village of Rangaon which falls in the interiors of Vasai.

  • Mumbai to Vasai Road distance – 66 kms
  • Nearest Station – Vasai Road
  • One can take a ‘Virar’ local  to commute to ‘Vasai Road’ Station.
  • Vasai Road station to Rangaon Beach – 12 km
  • Ideal tip – A two-wheeler could be best suggested to reach this beachside as the roads are a bit bumpy and narrower towards the later ends. However, a car-ride is also not a bad idea, if one can compromise on the luxe drive! (Trust me when I say – ‘The drive  will be worth it!’)

Are you too a lover of exploring virgin beaches?

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