The curvy roads of Shrivardhan descend us to the Aravi beach which is now a plain stretch of wet sand with roaring sea waters kissing and touching the beach tenderly. From the twists and turns of the coastal roads, at a distance, I can see the grey skies blend in with the horizons of the sea waters. The Sun can’t be seen any closer, but the clouds now choose to dramatize the sky. The tides hit the shores at all its rocky edges with scattering water droplets on the fresh paddy fields.

In the farthest corners, I can spot cows and horses grazing over the hillocks which look like meadows from the top. While I cherish the panorama, the grey clouds hover by and it starts drizzling. The tiny droplets of water look like crystals on the green grass. I smile and take a deep breath. Because, somewhere here, I feel alive.

A few months back, and this day today, it is 9:34 pm; the 14th of October 2017′, the light drizzle of the much erratic October rains by the Mumbai skyline takes me back to those days when I touched life in its slightest beauty.

Come, for you & I shall re-live those monsoon moments through this photo essay!

  • Diveagar – Aravi – Shrivardhan, Maharashtra

I spent a night of power cuts in a tiny little coastal town which had even turned out to be worse when it started raining cats and dogs. But, probably I am much of a believer in the saying “Whatever happens, happens for the good”. Do you wish to see how? Then, scroll down.

Aravi Beach

How would you feel, if I’d say this entire beach is left to you and ‘just’ you. Fascinating right?

By this rocky beach left in pure tranquillity, somewhere I felt I have found a home in a faraway land. 

  • Poladpur – Mahabaleshwar – Sajjangad, Maharashtra

I feel here, I shouldn’t mention how much we all love waterfalls and valleys! So, I’d leave it to the pictures.  



The Savitri river brimming in gushing force. It’s a wild abode to the crocodiles – Poladpur


  • Wilson Hills, Gujarat

While we were all pretty much expectant of Wilson Hills to be a beautiful place; we were left way too disappointed when we reached the destination to see its all crowded and polluted at the same time but I surely must admit that the entire journey is worth the take because of its beautiful villages by the foothills that transit the lush green meadows.

This how we were turned off!

And.., this is what we loved!

Sakaram – While I almost toppled down from the waterfall onto the paddy field, that’s when Sakaram came out to be a kind soul and helped me cross the slippery bridge. We didn’t speak any language in common. Neither did he understand Hindi nor could I speak Gujarati but somewhere, quite certainly; all we understood was the language of friendship and humanity. 

With sheer disappointment as we drove back, I couldn’t wait for any further to rush down through the green meadows and plunge in; to live that moment! While the wet grass left drops over my feet I ran towards the edges to chase freedom or liberty, or maybe, just myself. 

Probably, I found myself here; somewhere in the echoes of the mountain winds and the musings of the hovering grey clouds!

  • Malshej Ghats, Maharashtra

It poured a bit and then came thrashing down presenting us with some panoramic views of multiple waterfalls, foggy pathways, explicit landscapes, and some solitude.

I found myself ‘literally’ on Cloud 9!

  • Onde, Vikramgad – Maharashtra

We sneaked into a local paddy field to allow solitude and rains to accompany us.

Much later, we came to know that it was Shyami’s paddy field! 

But she was kind enough to allow us to sit by there and enjoy nature.

  • Jawhar, Maharashtra

Jawhar has always been my go-to escapade. But this time there was more to it. 

Jawhar Ruins- Purani Haveli

Dabhosa Waterfall

Photographing locals

Enjoying being a spectator to this!

Photographing panaromic views

IMG 20170815 150215554-01-compressed

With these 30 photos, I wrap up my Monsoon Journey – 2017. But, over to you now, how did the monsoons turn out? Did you chase them too?

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