They change their sizes, their transparency & their clarity. With every passing turn of the winding ghats; pops up a view of a wider and a deeper valley. The mistier it gets, the more blurry our vision. Every turn holds surprises uncountable. In one instance, it’s the souffle of the clouds tardily loitering by the peaks, and in the other instance I find myself surrounded by the lush green paddy fields; whilst in the other, I spot a freshwater pond where water lilies and lotuses bloom. Suddenly, in a moment or two, every scene changes it’s tones & tints to hues of fresh green.

The monsoons have touched the Maharashtrian tropics. It has romanticized it by its essence of love in the form of water and passion in the aroma of the petrichor.

Solitude and aridity long foregone, what it beholds now is its eternal beauty in stark contrast to the dryness of the Summer & the winter months.

The Sun is somewhere playing a child’s game. Bits of the paddy fields are bathed in dim sun breeze while a few others are transfixed under the enchants of the grey clouds.

Come, see for yourself how it amazed me!

  • Driving past the Mumbai-Goa highway, we were accompanied by the lush green mountain tops covered with misty peaks and dew drops stirred to the fresh leaves.

Off Bombay-Goa highway

  • A Temple with a view

  • Going off the touristy paths and chasing away from the crowds is something I always crave for when I am travelling. Hence, once again my heart’s calling quite diligently brought me in the woods inhabited by the Warli tribe; where I found myself yearning for the rhythm of the river gushes that flow down from the waterfalls of the nearby mountain peaks.

  • A part of it is sunbathed whilst the long-lost mountains enjoy their peaks getting dipped in fresh mist.

  • Yet another surprise unlocked! The pink lotuses quite well complement the beauty of its otherwise damp afternoon.

  • A stowage with a view. This could be my hide-out surely!

  • Here’s to overlooking the mist covered lush valleys.

  • Lost in serenity with a prick in the mind of bidding this place; Adieu!

In the words of Tyler Knott Gregson –

Go outside and let your breath be stolen away. Find the forests, seek the seas, meditate on the mountains mist covered from the morning. We are nurtured by nature, born for the wild places; we’ve no business in cities, in buildings taller than trees can grow. Go outside & begin living again.

Though my inner soul of being a city nomad sniffles, yet I impinge to be lost in the wilderness of the tropics and exuberate in the mist-clad mountains toppled by a souffle of clouds.

The freshness of the misty air enchants the rain to sing me a lullaby.

How far is the monsoon majesty favouring you?


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