Some days I long to dive into the sea, while some days I long to get immersed in the eternity of the green hills of Maharashtra! But as ironic it sounds! indeed is! Maharashtra is not always lush and verdant. Nature has its own charm of restraining its beauty. So exactly that’s what it did this time too! In the Clement and refreshing weather of Maharashtra, it appeared all mustard and ochre!(Though this time too, I wouldn’t hesitate to appreciate its surreal beauty!) Almost every nook of the state was in a different shade of mustard as if it was just draped in the sand! Such was my endeavour this time when I explored parts of Rural Maharashtra! This post will help you have a virtual tour of Maharashtra in its driest form during the winter months, which quite contradicts to the lush green aspect of it during the monsoons! Go have a look!

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It was a mild chilly Tuesday morning when I drove 250kms to touch my customized route. I drove the Silvassa-Chisda-Jawhar-Vikramgad route (one of my favourite customized routes!). The reason being, I love this route to the core is because of the rustic and the traditional feel it gives to suffice to my nomadic travel!

Essential Information –

  1. I drove from Vasai (a town in the outskirts of Mumbai) to Silvassa – Chisda ( Dadra & Nagar Haveli) through the borders between Maharashtra and Dadra & Nagar Haveli and later, drove back to Jawhar – Vikramgad (Maharashtra). (P.S- These places are interlinked closely in terms of distance)
  2. Distance(approx) – Vasai to Silvassa – 90km ; Silvassa to Chisda – 40km ; Chisda to Jawhar – 50km ; Jawhar to Vikramgad – 75km
  3. Languages Spoken – Marathi, Warli, Hindi, Gujarati.
  4. Food – Non-vegetarian as well as Vegetarian food! However, advised carrying food as it is an abandoned forested region, restaurants are sparsely located.
  • Maharashtra always studs us off with the lush green environ during the monsoons and it is almost arid and sparse in the rest of the months of the year!

I spent almost the entire day in exploring and driving through these places. The hills stood calm and sparse with dotted green trees over it. The abandoned villages reflected independence and simplicity in its own way! The ghats went twirling and twisting all over the place thus screening more majestic views from the top! Also, not to forget, the common thing which I unlocked among all these regions is that these are populated by the Warli Community. (P.S- The next post will disclose the details & my experiences with the Warli community).

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Glimpses of Rustic charm-

Twirling Roads: That cliche- Top of the World feeling!

The Mustard & Orchre vibe of the villages-

Of rich ethnicity – The Warli Art in Chisda: The Folk Lifestyle –

A typical homebound feeling at this vintage house-  

This house had made me feel homebound as I had spent close to 3 hours of the day here. This is supposed to be a Forest Range officers’ bungalow who is in charge of the Jawhar Forest Region.

Seeking Tranquility by the Sunset and the gorgeous view –

It is indeed blissful to see the colour changes by Nature and yet fall in love with it all over again without being hesitant about it. Be it the dryness in the hills or the green tropical feels, I love Maharashtra for the way nature drapes it in every season! How about you..?

So, Where have you seen Nature change its colour this year?

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