The rains have left the virgin forests of Jawhar to look fresh and pure in a soothing green. A moist layer of mist envelops the leaves and a cool breeze lingers by. Dabhosa gushes in complete enthusiasm leaving all the tourists with awestruck beauty! 

Dabhosa Waterfall, Jawhar

By the delicate boundaries of the waterfall, I stand and cherish the momentum of this majestic beauty and just somewhere I hope for time to stop by. It drizzles slightly and then in a moment, the grey clouds vanish by; leaving a dramatic sky with various patterns of clouds. 

It’s been a long day, but a rejoicing one; I somewhere gasp.

The sky is now painted in pastel blue and the sun is shining at a distance.

Quite soon, the sun will diminish leaving its glow in the light of dusk and outstrip the stark darkness of a starry night. After which, I too will have to head backwards. 

It was a long day though and I wanted to take a moment to freshen up for which I approached an adjacent resort to let me use the toilet but the guard was rude enough to allow me in! 

Despite insisting him constantly he continued refusing me! I finally gave up on him and started walking towards Dabhosa village and gave a thought of requesting the villagers to allow me to use their loo! 

At a distance, I spotted a dusky woman sitting on the steps of her house and cherishing her child’s innocence. She was young and cheerful! 

It felt strange in the beginning but then, I had to break the ice and ask!

I finally requested her if she could allow me to use their toilet to which she welcomed me with a smile and directed me towards the toilet which was located on the backside of her house. 

I smirked at her and she responded with a joyous gesture making me feel entirely hospitable and welcoming. 

Sangeeta with her kid, the toilet at the back

Sangeeta’s house (her mother-in-law)

While I bid her goodbye and asked to click her picture she was shy and muttered few words in Warli. I still clicked one to treasure the moment. While I took her picture I saw her enthusiasm spark in her eyes. 

We didn’t speak any language in common. Our gestures did the talking. Though she understood when I asked her, ‘Aapka Naam kya hai?’ and mumbly replied, ‘Sangeeta’. I just knew one word in Warli ‘Aabhari’ (thank you); hearing which a gentle curve appeared on her lips.

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In some time, I had to leave. I had a nifty time enjoying solitude but somewhere though I felt that I was taking along with me a huge chunk of love in an empty heart! 

Even today, I rethink to myself; of how much we all are in the dire need of love.

Maybe, it is only ‘love’ that sustains the life of a wanderer like me to foreign lands. Maybe, it is only the warmth of a complete stranger that makes me feel ‘I’m at home’ Maybe, it is only the affection that a stranger bestows to welcome me to be a part of their family.

Or maybe, love is the only reason I find myself hitting the road yet again!

While the sun is long bygone; and with the passing moments of love among strangers, I find myself comfortably placed in front of the steering wheel and I ask myself,

Are we really heading towards development in the name of being the country with the highest number of open defecation?

Are we modernizing at the cost of humanity?

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