I am very crazy when it comes to choosing locations and even more stubborn when people specifically refuse me to go to a certain place and advise me to rather visit it during the best time! But, maybe I like it this way. I am fond of randomness and uncertainty!

Coming to uncertainty, let me tell you; how uncertain my trip to Diveagar looked like!

It is usually impossible to hold me back when I have made my mind to visit a certain place! The monsoons aren’t probably the best time to visit the Konkan coast, this is what the interweb promised me! Also, from the recommendations I had gathered from Facebook and from few of the fellow travellers, all I could jot down was not going there during the rains because the roads are really bad, and the underwater sports activities are also not conducted. Yet, as I have already mentioned, if my heart has decided, my mind eventually follows.

The previous night, I started packing and the next morning at 8 am we started off for our journey to Diveagar. The estimated time mentioned on Google Maps was 5-6 hours whereas it took us close to 10-12 hours to actually touchdown Diveagar due to unexpected traffic jams (possibly, due to foolish traffic management and if not bad; just average roads)

A different kind of Diveagar awaited us, with extremely narrow roads and zero electricity! All that we voluntarily had within us were disappointed hearts and an urge to leave the place the very next morning! No hotels in sight, pitch dark roads and the thundering bolts accompanied us till we reached the town area; where we could spot homestays and lunch homes at a stone throw’s distance! With lesser number of tourists, we could easily make out that this is the off-season. That night we somehow managed to find ourselves a decent dinner joint which offered a tasty fish meal at INR 250 and above. We accommodated ourselves in a cosy homestay-a pretty decent outhouse with an attached toilet at INR 700 with free breakfast.

Our homestay at INR 700

My host's house

The moist morning painted before us a different kind-of a Diveagar! We woke up to a hundred birds chirping, and lip-smacking homemade breakfast. We spent our morning strolling past the backyard amidst coconut and guava trees accompanied by a cattle shed and a poultry! Within a few meters walk, I passed by an ancient temple which now seems to be abandoned and neglected, the locals have set up their outhouses with tiny cosy rooms and have accommodated those to homestays. The sea breeze lingered around and as we explored further we could spot a white sand beach entirely untouched by the tourists.

Sheera-Poha at my homestay

The cattleshed

the backyard

Ancient temple

The grey clouds canopied the white sands. I felt like a loner in the heart of a paradise. Somewhere from afar an old man cycled by the stretches while I sat there absorbing the calm and the chaos of the colliding waves.

The old man on the beach

A loner in the heart of a paradise!

Life Lessons gathered

Trust your Instincts

I truly believe, “If your heart is convinced, you are already halfway there”. This belief certainly accompanies me everywhere without allowing me to give it a second thought! I was surrounded with much of pessimism before I actually embarked for Diveagar. But somewhere, I already knew how wonderful this trip is going to be! I didn’t want to rethink my decision to get there; I just wanted to be there, and so I did!

And, this is what I found!

Not all things unplanned are bad

We all are an intrigued part of this rat race, whether we admit it or not, somewhere or the other we all are tangled at a point of running and securing ourselves to planning things! Even I fall under the same roof, planning is a part of my daily practice but I would quite honestly remark that travelling and planning don’t always go hand in hand. Much like my trip to Diveagar, I had the least of it planned, though there were uncertainties on our way, yet anything could be compensated to be a part of the serenity it offered!

It is important to disconnect to reconnect

While I am travelling, most of the time, I voluntarily prefer being out of touch but this time, even if I wished to, Diveagar didn’t allow me to. And, I am glad it didn’t. Not for once did I bother checking my phone neither did I make any efforts to get in touch through social media or so. I feel in satiety when I reminiscent back to those moments of absorbing nature and tranquillity all at once. There’s a different kind of fullness that beats within when I scroll through the memories that take me back to Diveagar and its heterogeneous natural setting! I feel complete with mindfulness and calm.

Do you spot the waterfalls?

All the 3 pictures (above) are taken in Diveagar! Such natural heterogeneity

Enjoy the journey; not just the destination!

This may sound cliche, but I am sure that most of us still rush towards the destination and forget how the journey complements the destination to make it whole!

This trip was planned to primarily visit Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan but due to some of the familiar recommendations offered, we chose to start off with Diveagar and cover Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan at the end! I am grateful that we did it that way!

As we drove past the coastal highway embedded with white sand beaches, paddy fields on one side, and waterfalls and green hills on the other, I couldn’t have expected a much better rendezvous with nature (I thought to myself). It indeed looked like a dream, where the ocean spread vast and the coconut trees aligned to the direction of the wind. Greens could be spotted everywhere just like a blanket over a bed of nature!

See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me. No one knows, how far it goes. ~ Moana

Carpe Diem and to Just be

In the futile rush of reaching out to the next destination, I have probably somehow missed out on slow travel. No wonder I have captured some explicitly beautiful pictures, glimpsed over and felt raindrops on a silent beach, have driven past picturesque roads, but somewhere though, my heart cries back to shell myself in that cozy homestay, to spend some more time over playing board games and chit-chatting with my hosts, it aches to have spent a little more time observing how the waterfall is so pure, how green the grass has turned over time, how differently the Marathi dialect varies and how tranquility is still stored in those mindful places! Diveagar seemed to be an affectionate teacher to teach me how important it is to live in the moment and to seize it!

Diveagar town - As seen from the backwaters!

I am free to lose my mind in the cities. But I want my heart back which is somewhere drowned in the untouched beaches of the coastal highway!

Essential Information

  • If you are a loner for crowds then certainly the rainy season can be a good time for you to visit.
  • Also, if you too want to witness this natural heterogeneity then surely make it in the monsoons!
  • Underwater sports are conducted during the months of October-March.
  • My take on Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan – I honestly, didn’t like both the beaches, because these were too touristic. Visit Aravi beach instead. 

Local fishermen at Shrivardhan Beach Local fishermen at Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan Beach Shrivardhan Beach

Enroute Harihareshwar Enroute Harihareshwar

Overlooking Aravi beach

As we descended down the coastal highway, I could see the clear sea waves turn greyish and gloomy, and the white beaches turn dotted with colour plastics.

I wonder how we humans have corrupted the nature of our good, or maybe for our bad?

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