“Wanderlust consumed her, foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her. She had a gipsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown.” – D.Marie.

I really love quoting words; I hope you like quotes too.! When wrapped in blankets of midnight chills, and lazy enough to read a book, quotes serve the best possible way to endure the bookworm in you; isn’t it..??

Getting back to being a wanderer or a nomad in the cities where life is fast-paced, where many have less time to spend with people and more with their gadgets, where people don’t socialize in personal but spend a good amount of time uploading pictures and commenting on them on social networking sites and where people are usually too frustrated to be kind to the old fellow sitting next to their seat in the train..beyond all these hassles of the city that occupy our minds most of the time, I would say to all of you out there..! “BREATHE!”

It’s okay if you miss your train and take the next; I know it would delay you by 15 Minutes but you would probably say “Dude, 15 minutes! ” and I would quite humbly reply, “Yes, just 15 minutes..”!! Because at the end of the day, you just have a delay of 15 minutes in a complete week where you have 168 hours to work on your routine.Yes! 168 hours I say!

Trust me when I say, I was one among all of you or should I say I still have a part of me that’s yet stuck in my urban soul of chasing time but being a part of the fortunate few (Yes, I consider myself pretty fortunate) with the passing time I soon realized that I don’t want to be lost in the crowd instead I would want to be a part of it but unique. I know, everything we all are chasing is an important part of our survival, but isn’t it that you are the most important part of all the things that surround you? Do you think, Prioritizing some 15-20 minutes for you are being selfish, well, even if you think; here, you go wrong, it’s the time where you get back to the best part of you that could just do wonders. Find some me-time in you that’ll only replenish you in a far better way.

How far would you lead yourself if you lose yourself in the very beginning..?? Lose yourself to what..?? (you might be inquisitive, right!) Well, lose yourself to the cities’ hassles, instead. Breathe, Relax and Let Go at times..! (OH! She’s gone nuts you must be thinking..; however, I firmly say ‘No, I’m not.’).

Because of each one of you & each part of you & me, knows that we find the best of the solutions when we don’t overthink and let go. 🙂

Therefore, rather than being frustrated, going all crazy and letting the city dominate your mood; instead take a step back, look at what the city holds beneath, admire the infrastructure that man has created,restore the love that had been far lost amidst the hustle-bustle of the city and appreciate what it wants you to have a look at. For, I, believe everything in this world is just as beautiful as you are..and every beauty has the right to be appreciated.

The city is just as beautiful as you..! You are the mirror to it, behold its beauty and treasure every part of it.

This is why go street wandering and admire the boundless piece of architecture that has been restored by your ancestors just to have a glimpse of it. It’ll only enhance you and your mind.

Portraying a scenario of MUMBAI:-

Pull yourself back …take a bus or a cab or just walk down to a place (Marine drive is only a 5 minutes walk from Churchgate station ) where you can just sit for some time, spend some good quality ‘Me-Time'( or, shall I say, YOU-TIME) {giggles}..and rejuvenate your mind to the beautiful gushes of the water that strike your face and send chills through your spine. (Believe, me..! It’s that refreshing) It’ll help you get rid of your tiredness to a certain level. You’ll feel fresh.

Well, I do that almost every day and this is how it rejuvenates me.

  • I’m less frustrated when I get back home and instead of being infuriated by minute things at home I’m all energetic to get back to my tasks.
  • Makes me calm and alert.
  • Helps me in prioritizing my tasks in a much better way.

Therefore, guys go street wandering and turn on the nomadic soul in you. You’ll enjoy the ride.Surely..!

Lastly, you would be thinking, that why am I asking you to go street wandering or being a city nomad when there are other beautiful places to explore? therefore, here I go to suffice your inquisition..my fellow readers!. I know! I would have rather asked you to go for a weekend getaway with friends and family but, don’t you think, that relaxing for a span of 2 days and then getting back to the same lethal routine for 5 days gets monotonous? Rather, on the other hand, if you take out titbits of time from your so-highly-occupied schedule and explore the mini-phases of your city you not only start feeling fresh and energetic but also start appreciating the beauty around you that caresses you the most.What say?

Isn’t that a better idea?

Obviously, you can enjoy your weekend getaways but why to even miss out on the other 5 days of your week..when you know, it’ll only make you better..!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all unleashing the city nomad in you. I’m always here to inspire you with my stories and my real life experiences on ‘Street Wandering’.  

Have you ever tried Street Wandering?

Here, goes another quote to go street wandering…

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or struggling to find a seat on the local train. Let that flow of wind caress the stroke of your hair and blow a kiss on your cheek.

-Inspired by the words of Jack Kerouac to relating an ordinary life in Mumbai.

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