Why work with Steps and Streets?

I choose to travel to ‘out of the grid’ places, be it in the cities or in the countrysides; and fetch stories of laymen. I believe in retrospective slow and experiential travel.

My blog, Steps and Streets and all my social media channels hold a raw perspective of how my travels typically look like, thus, bringing forth honest travel experiences and stories to my readers and the online community as a whole.


Interview with Woovly – Grab on those College Student Travel Tours and explore the world, 2019

‘You are the Story’ feature – Bring responsible travel choices in your schedule, 2017
‘You are the Story’ as a storyteller (talk), 2017


Unique monthly visitors (Steps and Streets blog) – 1000+
Audience demographics – India, Australia, USA
Instagram followers – 1500+
Facebook followers – 3000+
TUBBR fans – 450+

What services do I offer?

Freelance Travel Writer and Social Media Manager

I am keen on collaborating with brands for travel writing projects, and social media management. My past work includes writing travel blogs for India-based start-ups like Triphobo and TravelTear.  See Published Work for more. 

Travel Instagrammer 

@stepsandstreets has an engaged audience of about 1500+ followers on Instagram. This helps me collaborate with relevant brands and businesses to offer honest reviews, opinions, and thoughts of promotions and sponsorships.

*I don’t aim for perfectly-curated Instagram-worthy shots, but I do aim for quality engagement, honest community-building, and strategic collaborations. 

Blogging Campaigns

I collaborate with businesses and brands to promote products, offers, tours or accommodations. I offer these promotions through digital storytelling either on my social media channels or on this blog, depending on the nature of the agreement. 

Past campaigns

Udaipur and Nathdwara with The Banjara Hostels, Rajasthan, India (2018)
Jodhpur and the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India with ToRoots (2018)
TUBBR influencer campaign with TUBBR (2018)

I also facilitate as a speaker for youth-oriented platforms, where I share unadulterated travel tales from unique corners of India.  One such speaking gig, involves, being selected as a storyteller for the ‘You are the Story’ (talk), Mumbai, 2017.

Please note that I have limited or no connectivity while I travel, which is why there could be an expected delay. But I try my best to reply to every email within a week. 

To further discuss business/collaborations/partnerships/sponsorships feel free to drop me an email at stepsandstreets@gmail.com

Thank you.